UltraGold® Rice Rubber Roll

High Quality Top Performance
UltraGold® Rice Rubber Rolls Launched by the professional having 40 Years experience in rubber industry.
UltraGold® Rice Rubber Rolls are being manufactured by experienced and trained craftsmen at the most advanced plant using latest technology and the best quality of raw materials.

UltraGold® Rice Rubber Rolls are made from high Abrasion Resistance Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Compound and have the advantages of sufficient resiliency, well balanced hardness and excellent resistance to wear, highest hulling rate and capacity with lowest breakage rate and thus guaranteed for each variety of paddy produced in the world.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Every UltraGold® Rice Rubber Rolls undergoes the most rigorous and stringent Quality Control tests, to achieve, highest standard in performance. 

Rice Rubber Rolls Sizes

The following sizes represent some of the different types of Rubber Rolls available. Other sizes can also be manufactured as per specifications and hardness.

Rice Rubber Rolls

S. No.DescriptionLength mm.OD mm.ID mm.
1.Schule/ Dandekar 10" DL/DS260223158.5/157
2.Satake/Binny F2 10"/ F3 10"254256202/203
3.Satake /Binny 8"203223184
4.Satake /Binny 4"101223184
5.Satake /Binny DM 6"152223184
6.Schule/ Dandekar 10" DL/DS 6"152223157/158.5
7.SchuleDL5" /DS 5"152223157/158.5
8.Mini Rajpura 6"x4" x1"150150100
9.DMR 6"152223---

Salient Features of UltraGold® Rubber Rolls

Durability : Made out of Acrylonitrile Rubber Compound selected for its oil and resistance properties, to give better yield and output. Properly compounded Rubber that provides Strength , Resiliency, Temperature Resistance, Durability, Flexibility and Capacity to withstand various mechanical forces.

Bonding Ability : High Bonding Ability guarantees no Rubber will be separated from steel shell.

Heat Resistance : Rubber Material are scientifically cured to ensure high degree of Heat Resistance and have low thermo plasticity and ensure maximum durability.

Shelling Efficiency : 95% Brown Rice can be made out by one pass with less Broken Rice.

Hardness : We are manufacturing Rubber Rolls of Varying hardness (Shore A 88° to 95° ) according to the quality of Rice to get Optimum shelling efficiency without compromising on the broken Percentage of Rice.

Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminium Drum Sleeves

The Rice Mill Plants either uses cast iron,, mild steel or aluminiums based Inner Drum Sleeves. Different Type/Sizes are available in every kind of inner shells.


Specifications for different types of Rice Rubber Rolls Sleeve Type are given below :

Size10 X 108 X 8.3/46 X 8.3/44 X 8.3/4
A254.0 + 2-0222.0 + 1-0222.0 + 1-0222.0 + 1-0
B203.0 + 0.6182.0 +0.5182.0 +0.5182.0 +0.5
C194 + 0.5174 + 0.5174 + 0.5174 + 0.5
D142 + 0.5140 + 0.5139.7 + 0.5139.7 + 0.5
E116 + 0.1115 + 0.1114.3 + 0.1114.3 + 0.1
F13.0 x 4 Hole13.0 x 3 Hole13.0 x 3 Hole13.0 x 3 Hole
G254.0 + 0.5203.0 + 0.5152.4 + 0.5101.6+0.5
H119.0 + 0.576.0 +0.569.2 + 0.541.3 + 0.5
I8.0 + 0.37.0 + 0.37.0 + 0.37.0 + 0.3
J127.0 + 0.3120.0 + 0.376.2 + 0.353.3 + 0.3

We also manufacture Rice Mill Rubber Roll Sizes 12", 14" ( Miltech & Chinese ) and 20".

Reaches the respective location

UltraGold® Rubber Rolls Come in an attractive shrink sleeve packaging which protect it from any damage during transportation, so that it reach you in its original shape.

After Sales Services

UltraGold® Rubber Roll Sales is backed by a Network of Dealers located in Prominent Rice Milling Centre, which ensures prompt After Sales Service to reduce down time to bare minimum. Technical Support is provided to our valued Customers, if required. We give more than what our valued Customers demand through High Quality Product and Extra-Ordinary After Sales Service..

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